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Hello, I'm Marnie

I'm a clinical personal trainer & remedial therapist and I provide simple movement solutions for people just like you... How? by creating lifestyle changes that free you from pain and help you discover your naturally healthy self.

Do you suffer with Back Pain?

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20 years as a Movement Professional  

I am proud to say that with over 20 years of accumulated knowledge as a Clinicial Personal Trainer & Remedial Therapist, I have helped hundreds of people improve their health and fitness so they can stand, sit and move more and better. 

Through a collaborative and holistic approach to training, my wonderful clients connect more within themselves and feel supported and motivated.

My passion for human biomechanics and my belief in the healing powers of movement is what I use to provide solutions via my virtual (and studio) pilates based training programs & therapy techniques.

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Supportive Coaching

All that is great in our neighbourhood - community, kindness, fun and wellbeing.

Weight Management

Keeping it simple & complimentary for a balanced approached to your weight loss goals. 

Strength & Mobility

The foundation for all your fitness goals - balance, strength/stability, mobility/ flexibility.


Enjoy a therapists' help to remove painful tension conditions or DIY techniques.

Balance Body Mind

Nourish, strengthen and balance your body and mind with mindful practices.

What People Are Saying

Your Space Pilates' holistic approach to well-being will help you acheive your goals

"Marnie's very clear instructions & multi-level classes enables us to adjust the exercises to suit our own bodies."

Denis and Pauline

"I'm hooked on Marnie's Pilates classes. Marnie is a ray of sunshine with a terrific sense of humour."

Lynn P

"I've been a regular enthusiast of Marnie's therapy services for over 12 years and I can truthfully say that 'Your Space Pilates' has been a huge benefit."

Bruce W

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