Pilates in Park - Term 4

wednesday mat classes Sep 25, 2022

10 Weeks: 5th Oct - 7th Dec

Term 4 last year La Nina brought so much rain that Pilates in the Park became very sporadic along with messing with our routine, motivation and results.

So this time we're going to be prepared...

  • On sunny days we will be in Yeronga Park
  • On rainy days we will be in my studio. 
    NB. Space is limited, so the first 8 people to purchase a 10 pack will get an automatic studio space on rainy days.

Come casually if you like in the park but consider a pack if you want to stay in a...

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Brier Beach House

golden beach getaway Aug 04, 2022

The perfect spot for a family friendly break away in the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Our 5 bedroom, pet friendly home sleeps up to 12, with multiple living & relaxing spaces including a Mediterranean inspired alfresco dining deck. Enjoy luxury amenities and entertainment for all ages.

A getaway that offers something extra special. We can even help you to create your own Health Retreat with in-house massage, Pilates on the beach & other well-being services. So gather some close friends or family & come stay!

Now taking bookings...

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Services Update

 Your Space Pilates


Winter, covid restrictions, rain (maybe even personal injury)... we've been experiencing it all this year!  It can be hard to stay motivated about your fitness with so many disruptions to your routine!!

Exercise in any season specifically answers our body's needs. You just need to do it... 

'Move More & Move Better'!

Exercise frequency, consistency and repetition will create positive physical and mental health changes for you. I can support you with short,...

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Guest Massage Services

Massage therapy is perhaps one of the oldest healing traditions used to treat or prevent a range of physical and psychological conditions. 

One of the immediate benefits of massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and calm. This occurs because massage prompts the release of endorphins that produce feelings of wellbeing, reduces the levels of stress and therefore supporting better immune function. 


Booking Options 

Remedial Massage: 

Stimulates the blood supply, makes joints more mobile, and helps to...

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Pilates in the Park Winter Special

winter special Jul 12, 2022


Pilates in the Park Winter Special

Term 3: 8 weeks (20th July until 7th September)

Every Wednesday 9.15-10am

$80 Special Price (8 classes*) CLICK HERE


Winter is here and it’s colder than normal and when it’s cold it can be hard to stay motivated about your fitness!!

We tend to take on a “Snuggle up” mentality, we eat more and we do less – human hibernation! But we are not bears, we don’t need to store layers and layers of fat. And for this reason whilst our...

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Celebrate Mother’s Day the Healthy Way

It’s a story familiar to many mums and their families: Mum focuses her energy on the health and well-being of her family, forgetting about her own health needs.

This mother’s day (and every other day), let’s change that narrative! Focusing on mum’s health, and women’s health in general, is one of the most powerful things you can do.

There are five health major health issues women face today:

1.    Heart disease
2.    Breast cancer
3.    Osteoporosis
4.  ...

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Covid 19 - Why exercise is more important than ever...


Most people throughout the world are currently nervous about the potential impact of COVID-19, however, it’s now more important than ever to remind ourselves that we should still keep active for two key reasons...

  • We all understand that exercise supports our physical health, it can also help us fight off infection, however, during times of crisis such as this, it is the first activity we maybe don't prioritise or stop doing.

  • Exercise is also unique in that it can boost our mental health, and during this anxious...
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Pilates in the Park

Term 2 (10 weeks 20/04/22 - 24/06/22)

Outdoor Pilates Mat classes in Yeronga Memorial Park (half way along Honour Ave under the shady trees, opp. Girl Guides Hall).  

Wednesday and Friday @ 9.15am

45 minute classes

Bring a mat or picnic rug

Multiple levels 

All welcome: kids, dogs (on lease), friends...

Casual Class $15 (pay on day) - no commitment, just turn up & pay on the day!

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Pilates in the Park - Come & Try a Class!

yeronga memorial park Apr 18, 2022

Term 2 has started (20th April - 24th June 2022)

Every Wednesday & Friday
@ 9.15-10am
10 weeks
Yeronga Memorial Park

What to bring:

Just turn up in the park with a picnic rug/yoga mat, water, comfortable clothing. Arrive early to get settled or join our free Walking Group 30 mins prior to class starting.

How to pay: 

Casual Class: $15 (pay on the day)

Everyone is welcome: 

Children, dogs (on lease) and all abilities and age groups are welcome to attend. There's lots of space to socially distance,...

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What happened...? Pilates

Wow, Term 1 for Pilates in the Park has not gone to plan... Rain, floods and iso (for some) has caused disruption and chaos to the start of our year for practicing Pilates. 

I would like to say well-done and thank you to those of you who continued to practice pilates online at home or took advantage of the other studio alternatives that I offered. 

Wet weather does sometimes interfere with our outdoor classes and I hope those of you who participated in the small group equipment classes enjoyed the...

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