2022 - Let's get motivated

One of the best things about Pilates is the ability to take your workout anywhere, and more specifically outside. We're talking, in the bush, beaches, parks, your own backyard, you name it... Read more   ‚Äč

Just like your body, your goals are unique to you and how and when you practice also has to suit your needs, schedule and location. You just have to do it!

I live in Brisbane but I offer classes in the park, studio and online so wherever you are, I can help you along your health and wellbeing journey...

Something I love about teaching Pilates is finding out just what motivates my students.

Maybe you...

  • have goals to improve your performance and deepen other sporting practices?
  • are tired of getting injured?
  • you can't always get to the gym or a scheduled studio class even when you have good intentions to do so?
  • you need the accountability and support from a highly experienced teacher to keep you on track?

Maybe you have other wellness goals... My services are not just generic, I love to hear what's motivating you, to help you actively take more charge of your health.

I'm not a big pilates corporation or particularly an online influencer, I do however have years of expert training, I offer a personalised individual service and I want to help people who want to improve their wellness goals with good, honest skills and care. 

You can join any of my membership programs from home today and if you have questions or just feel like a chat, just contact me and i'll personally get back to you. 

I'm either just a click away with live 1-on-1 sessions in your lounge room (by appointment) or slot in my recorded classes anytime of your day. 

In addition, for those in Brisbane, you have the option to join me in-studio or the local Yeronga Memorial Park

Hope to see you soon

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