Celebrate Mother’s Day the Healthy Way

It’s a story familiar to many mums and their families: Mum focuses her energy on the health and well-being of her family, forgetting about her own health needs.

This mother’s day (and every other day), let’s change that narrative! Focusing on mum’s health, and women’s health in general, is one of the most powerful things you can do.

There are five health major health issues women face today:

1.    Heart disease
2.    Breast cancer
3.    Osteoporosis
4.    Depression
5.    Autoimmune diseases

There are also 5 big lifestyle focuses that ultimately will help keep her healthy... 

●    Become more physically active
●    Eat healthier
●    Kick unhealthy habits
●    Focus on mental health by managing stress
●    G
etting enough sleep

With all of this in mind, here’s how you can plan a day full of healthy, and fun, Mother’s Day celebrations. You might even inspire mum to focus on her health more often.

  1. Prepare a healthy Mother’s Day brunch
  2. Get outside and get active with mum.
  3. Go on a family hike
  4. Head out to the park
  5. Go for a bike ride together
  6. Build a sand castle on the beach
  7. Try something new together


Voucher ideas...

Here's a suggestion to help get her started (maybe join her too). Purchase a voucher to give to her on Mother's Day...

  1. Park Pass: Wed and Fri walking group 8.45-9.15am and Pilates in the Park classes 9.15-10am - only $15 per session.
  2. Treat mum to a massage.
  3. Kick start mum's health focus with a personal session in pilates and a relaxing massage combination.

    Contact me for more info. 


Help mum help the family... Mums have a lot on their to-do lists, so yours will surely appreciate a bit of extra help knocking a few things off her own agenda. To make her even happier, try tackling these projects before Mother’s Day, so that you can all enjoy a relaxed day together.

 Have fun and enjoy your Mother's Day. 




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