Am I ready to start Pilates Classes?

Term 1, 2022 classes start this week...

  • Have you been thinking of trying out a Pilates class? 
  • Have you been deterred by the photos or videos of young superfit, flexible celebrities you have seen on social media? 
  • Do you think your current level of fitness “isn’t enough” or that you don’t have enough “core strength" or flexibility?

In my experience there are many reasons why people don’t give Pilates classes a try. It can be scary, going into a totally different environment to one you have ever encountered, surrounded by new faces, new exercises, new language. Pilates opens your mind to many new experiences and may be daunting at first glance. 

I know from my own experience how challenging it was attending my very first pilates class and with this in mind, I always aim to make those participants coming to my classes as comfortable and welcome as I can.  

So what is Pilates actually about?

Pilates is more than just about flexibility. Pilates is about control, coordination, breath, stability, mindfulness and body awareness.

  • You are taken through a series of exercises with modifications, regressions and progressions as needed.
  • Each exercise can be taught in different ways that will change where and how you feel it.
  • Technique is an important component of the class and requires your (& your instructors!) attention to detail. 

At Your Space Pilates I will not throw you in the deep end! You can take as much time as needed to build your confidence. As you come to classes, you will familiarise yourself with the fundamental exercises and learn to take pauses when you need to break for a moment. Get to know your body and what it can and can’t currently do. The aim is to progress slowly and confidently over the weeks at your own pace regardless of what others might be doing in the class. Through regular practice you will start to feel comfortable with the movements and how you can position and move your body to increase or decrease resistance or challenge and accommodate your specific injuries or conditions.

What to expect from your Pilates class?

Not only will pilates get you moving and feeling better, you can also expect:

  • You will be provided with hands on support from your instructor to get you moving with the best technique for each exercise.
  • You will need to come self-motivated and work hard to learn new exercises, muscle activation and body movement.
  • You will need to continually check in with your body - being focussed and thinking about how it is feeling and moving through each exercise.
  • You will expect to improve your body awareness and knowledge of human anatomy.
  • You will develop strong relationships with your pilates movements, building trust and confidence.

Myths about Pilates

  • I have to be flexible to do Pilates - NO! Flexibility is only one component of pilates, it’s like saying I have to be able to breathe to do Pilates - everyone can breathe! Everyone has some flexibility!
  • I’m not fit enough for Pilates - NO! Any fitness level can join pilates, if needed, I will modify the class to suit your needs.
  • Only girls do Pilates - NO! In my experience, my classes often have equal male and female participants.

Other great things about doing Pilates @ Your Space Pilates include... you can participate in classes in a beautiful air-conditioned studio, outdoors in the open air of our scenic parklands or online in the comfort of your own home. 

If you wish to find out more about introductory packages or anything Pilates related, I would love to hear from you. Give me a call on 0412621569.



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