Your Space Pilates 2023

Is 2023 your year to feel healthier?

Another new year is looming and another opportunity to set your mind to getting fit, healthy and improving your well-being. Regular practice of anything creates change... Let's use our Pilates and other well-being techniques to help you focus your mind, re-energise your body and improve your general health. So, let's enjoy the rest of our festive holidays but start thinking ahead on what you can be doing for more 'Me Time' (see below for some ideas).

'Your Space Pilates' sessions focus on:

  •  Postural re-education
  •  Reducing stress levels
  •  Improving breathing
  •  Reducing back/neck pain
  •  Improving athletic performance
  •  Better balance and reduced fall risk
  •  Improving core strength/ hip stability
  •  Reducing risk of injury
  •  Better pregnancies and post-birth recovery
  •  Muscle reprogramming to enable you to move and hold yourself more efficiently
  •  Body re-shaping - more tone and muscle definition


Kickstart Membership
7 weeks @ $99p/w

(Starting 1st week in February)

1 x Pilates in the Park Class
(Wed or Fri @ 9.15am)

1 x 45min Studio Session
Swap between Pilates; Body Brushing; Massage each week)


Unlimited Access to online Pilates Vault
(over 40+ Pilates classes)



create your own 2023 membership:


Pilates in the Park
Yeronga Park - Wed & Fri @ 9.15am
 Class ($15)

Studio Sessions
Swap between Pilates; Body Brushing; Massage each week)

30min 1-on-1 ($50)
45min 1-on-1 ($75)
60min 1-on-1 ($100)


Buddy Up:
2 people share - keep motivated

45min Studio Class ($45pp)



45mins 1-on-1 'Live' Pilates ($75)
Unlimited Online 'Recorded' Vault ($15)



Well-being Retreats 
Discover More Here 

Private Groups
Communal Group: 3-5 March 2023 - taking bookings now




I'm here to help you feel and look better. 


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