Post Festive Well-being Retreat

This year I have started to focus on offering wellbeing retreats at our Golden Beach property on the Sunshine Coast. 

These retreats are lovingly created to help you escape your normal routines and to have an opportunity to relax and reconnect more within yourself and with your girlfriends. 

Using the movement techniques of yoga, Pilates, on-site healing therapies, daily self-guided 'Golden Beach' walks and more... you'll reset your body and mind and enjoy the opportunity to relax, unwind and immerse yourself in the natural beauty and peacefulness that spending a few days by the beach with friends offers.

Generally we are setup to accommodate your own private group of up to 10 people at any date that suits your group and with as many retreat inclusions you specifically choose...


or... to kickstart off 2023, join our first communal retreat of the year...

3-5 March 2023
2 night retreat
Self catering
$375 per person 

We'll be keeping this retreat a simple, post festive recovery. Nothing fancy, just the opportunity to relax, unwind and have a little onsite pampering. This retreat is self-catered, includes an 1 hour therapy session, a pilates class on the beach and a retreat pack for the group to share (*see discover more'). The 'rest' is up to you!

So if you would like to reserve your spot please CONTACT ME HERE.

Looking forward to having you join me.



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