What people are saying...

“I was impressed with our first Equipment Class at Marnie’s Studio. The focus from Marnie was solidly on us and the workout was upbeat and filled every moment of the 45mins. Simple recipe- one person on the reformer, one on the wunda chair and one using roller or Fitball... then we rotate to use each piece of equipment. It was challenging and enjoyable, comfortable and satisfying. “

Simone Makin

A small class that was great to receive concentrated  basic techniques tailored to the participants level. Good fun to share with the others  and Marnie's encouragement and supportive instruction keeps you working.  Somehow she always knows just when to remind you to suck in your tummy or draw up your core, or even to breathe. 😀 Happy to recommend this small group class,  we all learned together.

Wendy Biggs

I started the small group reformer classes two weeks ago. Marnie made a customised program that focuses on activating the core muscles. The classes are a great way to focus on strengthening areas that might get neglected in other activities!

Carissa Klein

“I really enjoyed Marnie’s small equipment class. As always she gave each of us thoughtful guidance based on our personal needs as we worked our way around the equipment. Three is an ideal size for a class of this kind. I recommend it.”

Pauline Peel

Marnie's equipment class really helped me adjust my Pilates exercises and get a much more effective workout. I loved the individual focus and the personal training and having fun at the same time being in a small group. Marnie tries to create a group with people of similar abilities so if you're flexible with your times, she can slot in you into the most affective group for you!

Anne Knusden

About the classes...

These small group classes are designed to focus on your specific ability level.  Where one person might focus on the basics, another person might be working hard enough to bring up a sweat. Whatever level of challenge you work at, performing each exercise with good technique and reinforcing those correct movement patterns so they stick with you is paramount!

In each class you will work on 3 pieces of equipment performing specific exercises to challenge your body in a variety of positions, so you don't get used to doing things in one particular way! Life is about being able to move freely in all directions with ease. 

Using the resistance of the springs and pulleys on the reformer and wunda chair, and the imbalanced surfaces of the rollers and fitballs, you will promote length, strength, flexibility and balance. These all lead to better posture, graceful, efficient movement and for many, relief from back pain.

The instruction...

I am there to guide you through each exercise, to offer you corrections and adjustments to each exercise to cater for your needs, restrictions and injuries. One size doesn't fit all, so these classes are to give you personal and focused training in a small group setting. 


  • 2 person class $45pp
  • 3 person class = $35pp

Class timetable 

What to bring?

Please wear (grip) socks, bring a water bottle, towel & mat. Do not wear loose jewellery that can get caught on the machines. 

 Where to come?

Your Space Pilates, 98 Taunton Street, Annerley.


Contact me  anytime for more information or just to chat. 



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