Why Practicing Pilates Outdoors is so great...

Practice Pilates Outdoors 

One of the best things about Pilates is the ability to take your workout anywhere, and more specifically outside. We're talking, in the bush, beaches, parks, your own backyard, you name it.

Benefits of Pilates Outdoors...

1. The terrain pushes your boundaries
It's easy to get stuck in a routine, and taking Pilates outside helps get you out of that rut. Outdoor Pilates challenges you with uneven ground and varying surfaces.

2. You'll feel connected to your environment & neighbourhood
Hearing the birds and trees gives a feeling of being more connected to the environment and your neighbourhood. Join a local outdoor class, or play an online class while you connect to the world around you in a whole new way.

3. There's no competition for floor space. 
It's happened to everyone; you get to a Pilates class and it's so packed you're finger-to-finger during exercises. That's a non-issue when you take your mat outside. There's plenty of fresh air, space and nature. 

4. It's beautiful-period.
Sure, some Pilates studios try their best to create a zen, pretty aesthetic, but no amount of décor can compare to a stunning natural vista. The beauty around you can help inspire your practice. Take in the beauty and build that sense of appreciation for being in that moment. 

5. You'll be one with nature.
Exercising outdoors has been said to boost your self-esteem, and soaking up some vitamin D from the sun has been shown to decrease the risk of depression. You don't need to sit directly in the sun to reap the benefits, which could actually be dangerous. Simply practicing mediation and Pilates in the shade will send those feel-good signals to your brain. You still need to 'Slip, Slop, Slap' though - while daylight will make you feel good, a sunburn will not!

6. You really learn what it means to "zen out."
Practicing Pilates outside means you lose the safe and familiar space of a studio and are vulnerable to what's going on around you. "You're at the whim of what nature brings you. You know, like that ant that's tickling your arm or that fly that's buzzing around your ear as you try to control your breath. This forces you to control your reactions, deepening your practice.


Join our local community mat pilates Pilates in the Park classes every Wednesday and Friday (during school terms).

But if you're not local to Yeronga in Brisbane, or do you prefer to workout alone? maybe you'd like to try our Video Vault of Pilates Workouts for 7 days FREE and set up in your own garden, balcony or take me (virtually) away with you, LOL!! Great as a supplement to any workout!!!




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