SLC Mums Get-Together

I don't know about you, but I've now got two sons at SLC (grade 5 & 7) and with another 8 years ahead of us at the school, I'm pretty keen to get to know some other mums. I believe a regular girls getaway is a must for our sanity as busy mums! 

If you're not going to the SLC Mother's Camp or missed out on tickets to Autumn lunch, here's another option for you and certainly something I could organise maybe each term if mum's are keen! Mum's of all year levels welcome! 


Come join me for a weekend of fun,...

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Post Festive Well-being Retreat

This year I have started to focus on offering wellbeing retreats at our Golden Beach property on the Sunshine Coast. 

These retreats are lovingly created to help you escape your normal routines and to have an opportunity to relax and reconnect more within yourself and with your girlfriends. 

Using the movement techniques of yoga, Pilates, on-site healing therapies, daily self-guided 'Golden Beach' walks and more... you'll reset your body and mind and enjoy the opportunity to relax, unwind and immerse yourself in...

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