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Online Course for Back or Joint PAIN

Start your journey to 'Move Now and Move Better'!

Do you suffer with BACK or Joint PAIN?

The BACK to Basics Movement

By practicing and progressing through our self-paced 6 level program of strength and mobility exercises and stress relieving techniques... you will be supported 'live' every step of the way as you learn tips, techniques and methods to help you 'Recover from Back Pain'. 

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The BACK To Basics Movement

normally $497

Special $197

  • Beginner Level Program.
  • 6 Levels to safely challenge you.
  • 24 video/audio workouts that easily fit into your day.
  • 4 Modules of strength & mobility exercises, release therapy & mindfulness practices.
  • 6 x ebooks supporting each level.
  • 6 x walking guides.
  • Q&A sessions.
  • Motivating online community 'Recover from Back Pain'.
  • Unlimited access.
  • 30 day money back guarantee (see T&C's)
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The BACK To Basics Movement

Do you suffer with BACK or Joint PAIN?
Does pain keep you awake at night?
Do want to live life without fear of hurting yourself?
Do you want to enjoy your life more fully?

This program helps you 'Recover from Back & Joint Pain' and to help you generally Move More & Move Better. By practicing corrective exercises and making lifestyle changes, you can learn to consciously sit, stand & move better.

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