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1-On-1 Online Pilates

Personal Pilates Training Online

Private Pilates sessions target what YOUR body needs specifically...

  • Let's focus on activating and strengthening your specific weak areas. Let's release tension in your over-worked muscles. Let's identify where you need to change habits that maybe contributing to pain and injury, so that you body works in a more balanced and efficient way. 
  • Each personal appointment  will help you achieve your very best health and well-being goals.

    45 minutes - $70
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Pilates Video Vault

Enjoy a Vault of over 40+ recorded Pilates and therapy classes to give you the option to practice anytime and any place all week long in the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy personal coaching workouts online with Marnie and priority access to all newly uploaded video content.

Weekly access to The Vault $15

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The Back to Basics Movement

Online Program to 'Recover from Back Pain' 

Do you suffer with BACK PAIN?
Does pain keep you awake at night?
Do want to live life without fear of hurting yourself?
Do you want to enjoy your life more fully?

This program helps you 'Recover from Back Pain' by practicing corrective exercises and making lifestyle changes, so you can consciously sit, stand & move better. 

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