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Pilates Programs

Pilates in the Park

Term 4 - 10 weeks 
Wed 5th October - 7th December
  • Outdoor Pilates mat classes in Yeronga Memorial Park
  • Your Space Pilates mat classes (wet weather option). 7ppl max. Additional classes maybe added.
  • 45 minute classes
  • Bring a mat or picnic rug
  • Multiple ability levels 
  • All welcome: kids, dogs (on lease), friends...
  • 10 Packs: $150 for 10 weeks (must attend once a week). You will be given priority booking for replacement indoor classes if raining (*T&C's apply). Includes $15 BONUS Voucher!
  • Casual Class: $15 (pay on day) 

NB. La Nina last year saw multiple classes cancelled, so in preparation for another predicted wet season, Pilates in Park classes will be replaced with indoor mat classes in my studio on wet days! I can only accept 7 people, so those who purchase packs will be given priority booking for those replacement classes. Therefore NO CANCELLATIONS helping us all to keep in routine!

10 Classes $150*

Group Studio Class (2-3ppl)

These small group classes are designed to focus on your ability, needs and goals and are heaps of fun working in a small group of 2-3. 

Using the resistance of the springs and pulleys on the reformer and wunda chair, and the imbalanced surfaces of the rollers and fit-balls, you will promote length, strength, flexibility and balance. These all lead to better posture, graceful, efficient movement and for many, relief from pain.

Class options:
Tuesday's 8.30am
Tuesday's 9.15am
Wednesday's 8.30am
Wednesday's 9.15am
Thursday's 8.30am
Thursday's 9.15am
By appointment.

45 minute class. Bring along a mat, towel & socks.

2 Person Class $45pp

3 Person Class $35pp

4 Person Mat Class $25pp


Pilates Personal Training 

Not every-body is the same... each one-on-one Pilates session will target YOUR specific weaknesses, injuries/condition whilst having close personal attention to your technique.

  • Restore muscle balance
  • Improve posture
  • Create better movement patterns
  • Change 'bad' habits
  • Reduce pain 
  • Create resilience to further injury

45 mins $75, 60 mins $100

Pilates & Massage Combo

Combine the benefits of Pilates functional movement exercises geared for your specific and targeted needs with the manual release therapy of remedial massage in one session.

60 Mins $100

1.5 Hours $150

2 Hours $200