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Merlin J.

Living in the UK and, having very restricted access to the gym and exercise classes during these past few months, could have been really detrimental to my health. Being able to have one-on-one sessions and practice Marnie's online classes has kept me active and fit from the comfort of my home.

Marnie's personal sessions means she assesses your level of ability and tailors exercises to suit. Her classes offer ability levels to accommodate those who need to start more gently to those who are ready for a challenge. She is very clear with her instructions, whilst still keeping things warm, friendly and a lot of fun.

Over 3 months of training with Marnie online I have lost 7kg in weight, no longer have pain in my hip and can enjoy the things I love to do more without pain and fatigue.

Maggie N.

I’ve been doing Pilates in the Park with Marnie for years, and I love it.
Usually, it’s so hard for me to stick with any exercise routine, but being outdoors - with the trees, sun and fresh air - and Marnie’s expert teaching, gentle approach and sense of humour has been a winning combination.

Marnie classes are really inclusive and anyone is welcome.

She understands injuries and supports each person and modifies exercises to make sure the classes are safe and fun for everyone.

Do yourselves a favour... try out Pilates with Marnie !

Lynn P.

I'm hooked on Marnie's Pilates in the Park classes.
I'm nearly in my third year at this and there is nothing better than being outdoors whilst exercising, it helps you to unplug plus you get the added benefits of fresh air and vitamin D.

I've had a lower back problem for 20 years and Marnie has helped me to strengthen my body with specific focus on my core and has taught me to be more aware of how I move my body on a daily basis. If I don't do my pilates regularly my back tells me!

Marnie is a lovely ray of sunshine with a terrific sense of humour and she helps you to adjust the exercises to suit your needs.

She has many different programs but I love the park classes. I've finally found an exercise I can stick to with a wonderful instructor. I can't recommend Marnie's Your Space Pilates highly enough!

Felicity D.

I have a severe spinal sclerosis after a car accident. Initial treatment with Marnie was for massage to relieve tension that caused me chronic pain and then exercise therapy to build strength. After working with Marnie for over 2 years my back is a lot better, I have better range of movement and my whole body is more balanced and stable.

Marnie is a good-humoured, considerate and welcoming. I've gone to other fitness classes where they only want to push you beyond your limits and you are invisible.
Marnie's Pilates classes offer something better as they are the perfect combination of challenging, accommodating and offering a connection to a nice-natured community.

This was true even when we had to switch to online classes because of COVID 19.  It was comforting to see and hear Marnie instructing the classes at a time when routine was welcome -just in the digital format.

Katherine M.

I have been attending Marnie’s Pilates classes for over 2 years.

Marnie’s expert guidance, professionalism and warm and encouraging manner ensured that I felt comfortable, supported and welcome. Marnie ensures that all exercises can be modified to make sure that
the classes are safe and fun for everyone.

If you are looking to improve your core strength, stability, posture or recover from an injury I highly recommend Marnie’s classes.

Liby E.

I love going to Pilates in the park with Marnie.

Staring up at the trees, watching cloud formations as I focus on strengthening my whole body is calming and invigorating.

I see great results from going regularly. It’s super convenient to drop my kids off at school and pop into a Pilates in the Park session to start my day. I can enjoy doing something for myself in the fresh air.

Denis & Pauline P.

We were recommended by our physio over 2 years ago to try out Marnie's Pilates classes. We are senior in age and came to the classes to get fitter, stronger and to improve pain from arthritis. We can honestly say that we now have less joint pain, more strength and flexibility and more awareness of posture.

Marnie’s expertise which is evident in the range and variety of the exercises creates fun and inclusive sessions with age and ability not a barrier. You can be confident that she is paying close attention to your personal needs even in the group classes.

She is warm, friendly and has genuine care for her clients. She maintains her warm style and clear instructions even in the online classes. We make them part of our daily pilates practice and get to the park whenever we can too. We are grateful to her for helping us establish & maintain an exercise routine thoughout isolation and beyond.

Michelle H.

I started Pilates with Marnie over 2 year ago as part of my rehabilitation from a shoulder injury and Marnie’s Pilates classes have been pivotal in my recovery whilst maintaining my overall strength too.
Marnie customises exercises for me in every class I attended so that I can work safely within my range.

Marnie is a true professional in her approach to teaching. She is a great communicator who is warm and supportive, and she has a great sense of humour too!

Whether you are a first timer or a Pilates veteran, I would highly recommend Marnie for exercise rehabilitation from an injury, core strength, stability, posture improvements, muscle strength and toning. Marnie will help you to feel amazing!